From Grunge to Glam: A DIY Kimono Jacket from Thrifted Flannel

Sometimes I end up creating the coolest things out of mistakes… I had originally envisioned creating a simple drapey jacket like the one pictured below.


However-  after cutting a bit too much length off of the back and using it to create a collar that looked not at all like what I was going for, I was a bit disappointed and about to just throw the whole project out.  Somehow, after trying the thing on a hundred times and staring and pinching and pinning and thinking- I got the idea to create a kimono sleeve- and then the rest just unfolded naturally.  I’m really happy with the final product. I would consider this something for a medium skill level-  but if you take out the troubleshooting time-  it’s a pretty simple project that’s perfect for Holiday hangouts.

Smells Like Teen Spirit (and thrifted flannel)

I started out with two flannel XL in coordinating colors.  One was cotton- the other was the real deal.  Step one was to cut ‘er up.  I cut off the bottom at and angle so I could use it to create a collar.  I then removed the cuffs and collar…

Next, I folded the collar fabric I had cut out in half and cut out a lining out of the bottom of the other shirt…
sewing tutorial
I then stitched together the straight portion, leaving the curved section pinned but unsewn
Understitching and ironing is important for it to lay right 🙂
I cut it down as well (after pinning it down and realizing I didn’t like it) In order to create a square collar that sticks out.
I pinned it down, with the dark flannel side facing in to the wrong side of the flannel. I sewed this, finished the seem and sewed it down again so it would look clean should I decide to flip up the collar…
Once this was done- I cut the bottom front at a diagonal so it would have a better look… (the bottom edges were all ironed under once and then hemmed using a zig zag stitch)
Next I cut off an addition 3 inches from the sleeve and seem ripped it up a couple of inches
sewing tutorial
using extra sleeve fabric from the other shirt- I created kimono sleeves. I sewed these onto the dark green flannel and then closed the seem back up using just a clean diagonal line (I tried the square angle kimono thing but it looked terrible- lol)
sewing tutorial
To create a more fitted look I put darts in the back
I also created darts in the front (if you don’t have a bodice- you can just pin it while it’s on you) by pulling the fabric and making a fold. I then pinned the armpit seem to the back and pinned. all of these days were seem on top of the garment with a 1-2 inch straight stitch.

All I had to do after this was iron under the kimono leaves and sew down to hem.  Definitely a lot of tweaking and fitting for this one-  but if you are a mid level sewer- it’s quite easy to do 🙂  I loofa how this thrifted flannel makeover turned out!

thrifted fashion

Processed with VSCO with acg preset

thrifted fashion

thrifted style

thrifted style

Love and Thrift,



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